X-Men Art


Where Are You? Panascope 360

Artist: Luc Courchesne

I was actually drawn to this work mainly because the layout and design of the structure reminds me a lot of the machine Professor Xavier uses in X-Men. As it turns out, both of these machines are actually very similar. In X-Men, when Professor X uses "Cerebro," he can look anywhere in the world and find anything that he wants. In this work of media art, visitors can fly through time and space in an X Y Z grid. At different scales, the user sees different things and different types of media. The user can see the world as it was expected to look like in the 18th and 19th century as well as the present day. Viewers can even see themselves in these imaginary worlds because hidden cameras in the room capture and transmit the image of the participant into the new world. This is a truly innovative and inventive way to integrate the viewer into the art and feel like they are completely immersed into this imaginary world filled with digital media. I feel like this would be a very expansive work and one could spend hours and hours exploring the worlds at the different time periods represented. This is a very complex piece of art and must have consumed a lot of time to complete but it is one of those types of art where it would be very gratifying and fulfilling to complete for more people to appreciate. It is unfortunate that we are unable to visit this so I could feel the full force of the project, but just reading about it and seeing pictures of it makes me think of X-Men, which in the end, is what really makes great art great.

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