"Emoticons FTW" by Cat Pond

This piece from the BA Show is a series of two pictures: one of a couple embracing each other and presumably kissing, as shown by the :-* emoticon on each of their faces, the other is an image of a guy receiving fellatio from a half-naked girl as he has the :-) emoticon over his face (the girl's emoticon is not shown for obvious reasons). This piece really caught my eye because I think it is absolutely hilarious and also very bold. This might actually be one of my favorite art piece ever because it is sooooooo awesome (and I've been to the Louvre and the Tate Modern). The photos themselves are compsed very nicely. The colors really pop in a dark sort of way. There are also other emoticons framed by the photos which add a nice touch. I think it is kind of a commentary on how commonly these emoticons are used to express our feelings instead of words. I love the piece too.

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