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My name is Brody Rennan and I am from Duluth, MN. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Jacuzzis, shrimp cocktail, white wine, and Emma Watson (Hermione). My turn-ons are broken glass; big, bassy jams; fine silk sheets; and people who work in fast food. My major turn-off is wet socks....... ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. I judge people based on how well they can parallel park and most of the time I feel like I am close to 100% right. I also aspire to memorize the entire narrative of Forrest Gump's childhood (in character). Feel free to interact with me, all my shots are current and I shower regularly. I like turtles.

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The Pillows

I was kind of curious about this piece. Mainly because pretty much all I did when I was little as build forts. It is weird that they didn't post a title or even an artist for the piece, but it is still the thing in the gallery that I most related to. It was like a barrier used in war but with pillow cases (not actual pillows) instead of burlap (or whatever it is they use). It was stacked about six feet high, about twelve feet wide, and about four or five feet from the wall, which had a message written on it: "Is it that you don't see us?" There was then another message written on the wall to the right of the fort that said "Or that you don't want to see us?"
I think this is a perfect piece for this gallery, entitled "The Trouble Begins at Eight." The "trouble" part comes from the fact that they created a barrier, as used in wars; the "begins at eight" part adds a playful touch to it, which would of course be the pillow cases part of the work. It implies that a normal children's bedtime could be at eight, but there is a war-like quality to their resistance.
The message behind the barrier is the kids message to their parents, who let them play around after their bedtime, mainly because they are just fed up with dealing with little punk kids.

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