December 5, 2008

Senate Recount is Done...Almost

The senate race recount between Democrat Al Franken and Republican Sen. Norm Coleman is nearly finished Friday, said state elections director Gary Poser, reported
Except for 133 missing ballots in a Minneapolis precinct the recount is complete. Coleman holds a 192-vote advantage over Franken. The 133 ballots may decide the winner.
Additionally, 6,655 ballots have been contested. The ballots will be reviewed Dec. 16, when the state Canvassing Board meets to examine challenged ballots, reported
The 133 ballots in Minneapolis are considered lost. They are from a precinct near the University if Minnesota, a Franken stronghold.
"We have no explanation," said city Elections Director Cindy Reichert .Foul play was "highly unlikely," but "we're not ruling anything out."

November 14, 2008

Democrats Hoping for 60 Senate Seats

Senate Democrats are encouraged by recent results in the final three Senate races as Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens has fallen behind in the Alaskan recount, reported the L.A.Times Thursday.
"Until Wednesday night, the coroner was ready to sign the death certificate on 60 — and now it's back on life support," said Jennifer Duffy, Senate analyst with the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.
Alaskan Democrat Mark Begich has taken an 814-vote lead over incumbent Stevens, reported the L.A.Times.
The senate races in Minnesota and Georgia remain up for grabs. In Minnesota, Sen. Norm Coleman holds a slim lead over Al Franken. An automatic recount is on the way.
A runoff election is scheduled for Dec. 2 in Georgia. A recent poll puts Democratic challenger Jim Martin in a close race with incumbent Sen. Saxby Chambliss.
Gaining sixty seats would eliminate Republican filibusters putting Democrats in a powerful position.

November 8, 2008

Viking's Allen Fined

Defensive end Jared Allen was fined $50,000 Thursday by the NFL for two plays considered "roughing the passer" according to the National Football League, reported the
“In both instances, he struck the opposing quarterback below the knee area,? an NFL spokesperson said in an email.
Houston quarterback Matt Schaub tore his medial collateral ligament on one of the hits, reported the
This is the second time this season Allen has been fined by the NFL. Following the game against Chicago on October 19, he was fined $5000 for "piling on."

October 31, 2008

Peter Frampton Fuming Over Stolen Obama Yard Signs

Venerable classic rocker, Peter Frampton announced Thursday he is frustrated that his Obama lawn signs have repeatedly been stolen from his suburban Cincinnati home, reported
Frampton lives in the predominantly Republican suburb of Indian Hill.
A native of Great Britain, Frampton said he is upset about the assault on American's freedom of speech and political freedom, reported
A video camera has been installed to catch the thieves Frampton said.

October 23, 2008

Greenspan Blamed for Financial Crisis

Alan Greenspan, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, was questioned on Capital Hill Thursday to determine his part in the financial crisis,
Greenspan denied that he was a part of the financial crisis but acknowledged his thinking on how free markets works may have been flawed he said,
He said the housing crisis is a “once-in-a-century credit tsunami." that led to the free market system to fail.
An advocate of the free market system, Greenspan, a Republican, proposed stronger regulation,

October 17, 2008

Vikings Cut Thomas Tapeh

Viking coach Brad Childress announced the Minnesota Vikings have cut fullback Thomas Tapeh on Thursday,
Tapeh, a former Minnesota Gopher, was signed last summer by the Vikings. He did not disclose the significance of an offseason knee injury.
“I’m not really going to get into all that,? he said. “Thomas and I had a conversation. It was hard enough as it was.?,
Tapeh had a five-year contract with $1.25 million in guarantees. Childress would not comment on the Viking's position on the contract.

October 10, 2008

Destructive Gypsy Moth Population Triples

Minnesota's Gypsy moth population tripled in one year, the state Department of Agriculture, reported Tuesday,
The destructive moth has been sampled in two Minnesota locations-Minnetonka and Richfield. Both locations will be treated next year to eradicate the pest.
Oak trees are the moth’s favorite food. Both communities have large populations of mature oaks. Eradication is the only way to control the Gypsy moth,
Millions of acres of trees have been destroyed along the East Coast. The Moth has been advancing to the west.
Lucia Hunt, supervisor for the state Department of Agriculture said "Our goal is to keep the trees green."

September 26, 2008

Lions Fire Matt Millen

The Detroit Lions fired head coach Matt Millen Wednesday, reported
Millen was the president and CEO of the Lions for seven seasons. The team was a loser when he arrived and a loser when he was fired.
Millen took over the Lions in 2001. The Lions won a league-low 31 games under Millen's leadership. Detroit began this season 0-3.
Chairman William Clay Ford. “I believe that this decision is in the best interest of this organization,? Chairman ,William Clay Ford said, reported
Martin Mayhew, the team’s senior VP of player personnel and assistant GM, will assume the role of general manager,

September 19, 2008

Tavaris Jackson Takes A Seat

Gus Frerotte is starting Sunday's game, Viking coach, Brad Childress announced Wednesday,
The fifteen-year veteran will be replacing Tavaris Jackson after just two starts.
Childress has recently expressed his loyalty to Jackson. Sunday, after the Vikings second loss Childress named Jackson the starter for Sunday's game.
"Shocking ," Adrian Peterson said, Vikings running back, reported
"I'm just not seeing right now the aggressiveness from Tarvaris that I saw throughout the offseason," Childress said "Part of it may be experience. I know Gus will give us that."
Jackson said, "This league is a business," reported

September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike Approaching Texas

Hurricane Ike is marching towards Texas and is expected to crash ashore early Saturday morning.
Coastal Texas is shutting down and evacuating today in anticipation of Hurricane Ike making landfall early Saturday.
The hurricane is massive, extending more than 500 miles across with winds exceeding 100 miles mph, the New York Times reported.
The combination of Ike's size and the shallow coastal waters could produce a surge of water in excess of 20 feet, the Star Tribune said. Power outages and damage are expected from Galveston to Houston.
Authorities have ordered hundreds of thousands to evacuate from the Louisiana border to Southern Texas. Production of oil at local refineries, including the largest refinery in the country, will be interrupted. Wholesale gasoline prices in the U.S. Gulf coast jumped nearly two dollars. The record retail price of gasoline, $4.114 set on July 17, could be broken, the Associated Press reported.

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