REPA with iPad? Maybe.

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The iPad might work. Be aware that your Dept Approver's x.500 must be lower case. - Desdamona

Who is my Dept Approver?

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  • Your Departmental Approver is the head of your Department, Division, Unit, or Program.
  • When filing the REPA, you may enter the Departmental Approver's x.500 in the Dept Approver Text box.

    The REPA form will continue to say that no approver has been identified for your Department or Unit.
    After you have clicked CONFIRM APPROVER you should see your Department Head's x.500 and name listed under the text box.
  • Click "NEXT" at the bottom of the page
  • If the form gives you an error message (NO APPROVER...) in RED LETTERS, contact:

    The REPA Helpline, 612-626-1462 or

Link to file the REPA

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The link to file the 2011-12 REPA is found at:


  • Scroll down and on the right side, towards the bottom of the page, click on
    "File a Report of External Professional Activities (REPA)."

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