"Women Use Emoticons More Than Men in Text Messaging"

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In Cosmopolitan, I read a quote that said researchers at Rice University found that women are twice as likely to use emoticons in text messages than men. I then clicked on the link attached to this finding and was directed to the Science Daily website.

According to Science Daily, this was a longitudinal study with smartphones that collected data from men and women for six months. The participants were provided with iPhones to use for the duration of the study but were unaware of what the researchers were studying. Over the course of the six months, researchers analyzed 124,000 texts.

Researchers found that all of the participants used emoticons, but not on a regular basis. Only 4% used emoticons in all of their sent texts. This study addresses that these findings differ from other similar studies regarding the use of emoticons but does not explain how. One researcher of this study said, "our study represents the first naturalistic and longitudinal study that collects real emoticon use from text messages".

Near the end of the article, the writer briefly mentions the psychological aspects of this male and female communication. As a reader, I would like to see more information and background knowledge on this component and how they vary. Also, I am curious as to how the results would change based on the type of smartphone the participants received. Given that the participants automatically received iPhones, it would be beneficial to know if the participants downloaded the emoticon application or if it was previously installed on the phone when they received it. Additionally, the number of male and female participants was not provided nor does the reader know if the participants were communicating with each other for this data.

(For those who are not familiar with emoticons, they are symbols that using punctuation marks and letters to depict facial expressions. These expressions are used to convey a certain mood.)


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