"Antidepressant Use While Pregnant May Heighten Risk for Birth Defects"

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Health News Daily reported a study that suggests that women who take common antidepressants during pregnancy have a high risk for their unborn babies developing birth defects. The study specifically names medications such as Zoloft, Celexa and Paxil as brands to avoid. The birth defect risks include premature birth and autism.

The findings indicate that as many as 13% of pregnant women currently take antidepressants. Many women have also had infertility treatments which usually is linked to depression.

The article claims there is a high risk but fails to even address the participants in the study. The reader is unaware of how the data was quantified and if the women were taking any other medications at the same time. Also, it is unclear exactly what a defect entails and how to label a defect. This is all necessary information for the study and its claim to be credible.

After the article provides the opposing viewpoint, it states: ...every woman who presents to a clinician has to undergo a case-by-case analysis of the benefits and risks of antidepressant therapy.


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