"Market Research in the Mobile World"

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This article provides the top 5 takeaways from a conference on marketing research in the mobile world. An attendee of the conference highlighted what she considered the most important information from the conference.

1. Big data is not having a big impact on marketing yet
-Results from a Columbia University study show that there is a big gap in the use of data to drive marketing decisions.
-91% of senior marketers believe that successful brand use customer data drives marketing decisions. However, 39% say their own company's data is collected too infrequently.
-Biggest issue: marketers rely on historical data vs. understand performance to drive budgets.

2. The mobile research potential is not just online surveys on your mobile phone.
-Facebook adopted the consumer experience for mobile; research should do the same.

3. Making reseach fun gets you better results.
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2s63gLuO-W0&feature=player_embedded

4. It's not about the data it's about the story
-37% of executives agree their market research groups are strategic.
-Research must translate to into actionable business direction.

5. Data accuracy of social media sentiments is mixed, so plan for it.
-It's hard to measure sentiment consistently given spam, grammar and language issues.

I found this article to be very interesting. The writer who attended the conference learned of the current flaws in market research and how companies can improve research accuracy. If used correctly, mobile research can be an thorough and accurate technique to reach participants. Companies must translate their research results into a strategic business action.


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