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Mexico Bus Crash Kills Tourists

CNN reported that a bus carrying tourists crashed in western Mexico Saturday, leaving at least 17 dead, authorities said.

The bus was traveling from the resort city of Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara when it ran off the road and into a ravine in the vacinity of Compostela the Nayarit's state prosecutor's office said in a release. Thirty-five passengers were aboard the bus.

CBS News reported that the release stated that 17 people died, and another 14 were injured. The Red Cross spokesman Miguel Langarica said 18 died and another 13 were injured. The reason for discrepency between the two was unknown.

Among the injured was driver Magdiel Coronad, 28.

Up to half the passengers on the bus were from a flight from Phoenix to Guadalajara when a fire at the Guadalajara airport forced the plane to land in Puerto Vallarta said Daniel Rios, Vallarta Plus spokesman.

Four of the passengers live in Los Angeles and Riverside, California, officials said.

The names of the passengers have yet to be released.