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O.J. Simpson Charged with 11 Criminal Offenses

ABC news reported that prosecutors charged O.J. Simpson with 11 criminal offenses Wednesday.

Simpson appeared in court Wednesday to hear the 11 charges, 10 of which were felony charges. The most serious of the offenses is kidnapping, which if convicted carries a sentence of life in prison.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred in Las Vegas last week when Simpson and a group of men broke into a hotel room to collect sports memorabilia that Simpson claimed belonged to him. Police reports state that Simpson and the other men stormed into the room and ordered the collectors to turn over the memorabilia at gunpoint.

Simpson, 60, has been held in a jail cell in downtown Las Vegas since Sunday.

The LA Times reported that the courts set his bail at $125,000 Wednesday. "They want to get him out as soon as possible," said Yale Galanter, Simpson's lawyer.

Simpson is expected to leave the jail today and return to his home in Florida.

It was only 13 years ago that Simpson was tried and aquitted for the murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.