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Coach claims Minnesota reneged on job offer, plans lawsuit

Sports Illustrated reported Friday that a former Oklahoma State assistant basketball coach plans to sue the University of Minnesota after he claimed they offered him a job, then reneged that offer a day later.

Jimmy Williams left Oklahoma State, moved to Minnesota and bought a house after he believed he was offered a job as the assistant men's basketball coach and the university under Tubby Smith. The Gophers athletic director Joel Maturi then reneged the deal, said Dick Hunegs, William's attorney.

Williams plans to file a lawsuit against the university Monday, Hunegs said.

The Pioneer Press reported that the university interviewed Williams for the job, but no agreement was reached. The university was reluctant to hire Williams because of previous NCAA violations he sustained as a Gopher assistant coach from 1971-86, said University of Minnesota general counsel Mark Rotenberg.

Williams claims that he resigned on April 3 at Oklahoma Sate after accepting a $200,000 offer from Smith to coach for the university. He then claims the next day Maturi reneged the offer.

"(Smith) offered me the job, and I accepted the job - you don't question that," Williams said.

Williams insists on getting the job he claims he was promised, plus damages.

The position Williams insists on getting has already been filled.