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Police Recover Stolen Da Vinci Painting

MSNBC news reported that detectives recovered the Leonardo da Vinci painiting that was stolen from a Scottland castle four years ago, Thursday.

Officers raided a house in Glasglow and found "Madonna with the Yarnwinder," police said. Four men were also arrested during the raid, three from England and one from Scotland.

In 2003 the painting was stolen from Drumlanrig Castle in southern Scotland when the men posed as tourists, then overpowered a tour guide and left with the painting.

The painting showed up on the FBI's 10 most-wanted pieces of art, and is valued at around $65 million.

The painting was tracked down through efforts by the Scottish police, national crime agencies and the public, Detective Chief Inspector Mickey Dalgleish said.

“We are extremely pleased to recover the ’Madonna with the Yarnwinder’ painting,? Dalgleish said.