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Woman who stole baby is convicted

The New York Times reported that a woman who killed an expecting mother and then cut the fetus out of her womb and took it home was convicted Monday, despite her lawyers efforts to plead insanity.

Lisa M. Montgomery, 39, was convicted of kidnapping that resulted in death in the 2004 attack in Skidmore, Missouri. The victim was Bobbie Jo Stinnett, 23.

Montgomery's defense did not argue that she had killed Stinnett, but rather that a mental disorder kept her from understanding what she had done, the Kansas City Star reported.

“It’s hard to put our arms around mental illness, because we don’t understand it. … I’m not asking for sympathy. I want you to have empathy,? defense attorney John P. O’Connor told the Kansas City Star.

It only took jurors about four hours to decide against her the plea of insanity, the New York Times reported.

The Kansas City Star also reported that Montgomery's defense will shift their focus, Wednesday, in the penalty phase of the case. They want to keep her away from the death penalty.

Prosecutors plan to pursue the death penalty.