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2 St. Paul boys charged over threats

The Star Tribune reported that two boys were charged over threats that were over overheard by teachers at at a St. Paul middle school and guns that were found in their homes.

The two 12-year-old boys were overheard by teachers making threats about another student in an after-school science program at Washington Technology Magnet Middle School in St. Paul, police and school officials said.

The boys were arrested Wednesday. Police have only released a few details about the incident, as the case is still under investigation.

The boys were heard making threats about a girl at the school. One boy was heard making comments about a specific type and model of weapon, police said. A teacher reported the comments to the administration Wednesday.

"Officers found and confiscated firearms at one of the boys' homes, including the type mentioned in the threat," the Star Tribune reported.

Police do not believe that the boys brought the guns to school.

Police released the boys Friday, but only to the confines of their own homes.