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Man charged with Halloween murders

WCCO reported that a man was charged Saturday in a Halloween double shooting case.

Val Derick Diggins, 51, was charged with two cases of second-degree homicide in relation to the shootings that took place at 916 21st Ave N in Minneapolis.

The victims Charles Edward Woods-Wilson and Ira Lee Brown Jr. were shot and killed at the residence on Halloween.

Diggins entered the house and demanded money on Wednesday, according to a police report KARE 11 reported. Once given the money he approached Woods-Wilson and "told him that he should not have messed with him," the police report said. Diggins shot Woods-Wilson in the head.

Upon hearing the gunshot Brown Jr., came down the stairs to see what happened. When he saw Diggins, he tried to run, but he was shot in the back three times, the police report said.

WCCO reported that Diggins was identified by a witness that was in the house.

He is being held at Hennepin County Jail and his bail is set at $2 million, KARE 11 reported.