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NASA plan for risky spacewalk

The Associated Press reported that NASA reviewed their plan for a risky spacewalk to repair a solar panel on the International Space Station Friday, NASA officials reported.

Repairing the solar panel is taking priority for the shuttle Discovery's visit to the station. There are a few different problems with the space station, but the solar panels, which are extremely expensive, could sustain even greater damage if not fixed immediately, NASA said.

The problem has to be fixed before any more shuttles can fly to the space station.

Scott Parazynski, a veteran spacewalker, will hopefully be sent to complete the repairs Saturday, NASA said.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Parazynski risks the chances of being shocked while trying to fix the solar panel.

The solar wing is producing power and cannot be shut off. If Parazynski makes even the smallest error he could could risk the chance of being shocked or severly burned.

"Just a kind of small slip and you could be touching it," Dina Contella, the lead spacewalk officer in Mission Control, told the Los Angeles Times.

Insulating tape will cover the metal parts on Parazynski's spacesuit, along with all the metal tools he will use to complete the repair.

If NASA is not confident in their repair plan then it could get pushed back to Sunday.