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I Can Read Your Mind...I Think

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I can see the future. I can read your mind. And I can view hidden objects. In other words, I believe in ESP. Extrasensory perception, the perception of events outside the known channels of sensation, is a phenomenon believed by humans since the early 1930s, courtesy of Joseph B. Rhine and his card study magnifying how random people could predict cards (precognition), which card another person had in mind (telepathy), and which card could not be seen (clairvoyance). And by some sort of miracle, Rhine's study spread like wild fire, with people buying into the idea left and right. But for some reason, humans love to fall prisoner of the moment and blatantly disregard logic. In Rhine's study regarding ESP, which challenged conventional wisdom, seven correct cards out of 25 were predicted on average. For those keeping track at home, remember, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Is seven out of 25 extraordinary?! Logic would say no. But being the typical "prisoner of the moment" us homosapiens tend to be, studies such as these lead us to believe we can read minds and predict the future. The bottom line comes down to this: before you dedicate yourself to ESP and soothsaying, make sure you have undoubting evidence (greater than a card game) supporting your allegiance to such wild claims.

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