Create a New Cookie!


Innovation is creating a novel, valuable and feasible cookie (in this case...)

The 'Dark Green Delight' possesses these characteristics, with a warm and enticing taste!

To repeat this process, let us take some steps backward and start from the beginning:

Beginning-Ideation: Like any product/cookie, it all starts with an idea (hopefully more than one...) This cookie was no exception. Brainstorming ideas included combining apples, cranberries, other fruits, peanuts, almonds and even coffee and teas. In the end, a 'warm' atmosphere and combination was chosen for development - Green tea with dark chocolate. These flavors were to be mild and subtle.

Middle-Iterations: To take the idea further, an early prototype was made combining green tea extract from freshly stepped tea and a small amount of dark chocolate with 2 tablespoon of sugar, 2 tablespoons of butter and a touch of sour cream.
A separate bowl of 6 tablespoons of flour, couple of eggs and a touch of baking soda was mixed.
These mixtures were combined and thoroughly mixed to produce the final cookie-dough. Small circular cut-outs were made and baked to give an early iteration.

Ending-Final Model: To increase and aide the warm feeling of the cookie, a heart shape was implemented into the final model. The early iteration of the cookie-dough was not changed, as it proved to give the desired taste and consistency.

After leaving the oven, the cookies were given an extra shredding of dark chocolate to enhance the deep chocolate taste.


Hi Daniel, the green tea and chocolate combination seems interesting. I like your overall approach. Good work!

Just a cosmetic suggestion--I felt that the name of the cookie was slightly misleading. Maybe something like 'Chocolate-Green Tea heart cookies' might be a suitable name.


Looks like you've done an excellent job documenting and implementing the creative process. I like that you talked about experimenting with various ingredients but it would have been helpful if you included pictures or went in to further detail as to why these versions didn't make the cut. I think it's excellent that you emphasized the presentation as part of the "cookie experience" as a whole.

I would have liked to see more experimentation with ratios to find a good balance of ingredients and more exploration in general.

Overall, it looks like everything turned out well and your idea certainly meets all the characteristics of creativity. Well done!


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