To get the creative juices flowing, I decided to watch about 2 hours of some of my favorite improve comedians. I started with watching some of the highlights of the old 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' and then moved to watching several episodes of 'Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza'. I then started to create a mind map centered on winter, while still playing 'Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza' in the background. The final map turned out to be:
Here are some close-ups:
Progressing from this mind map, I made some product ideas. The first was a hat that can also be used to put out fires.
Another idea was skates that can also convert to be roller blades:
And a ninja turtle that dispenses hot chocolate from its torso:
What about a Santa alarm clock that counts down the days to Christmas?
And for Santa, some donuts that make you lose weight!
And when Santa comes, he can deliver presents in wrapping that can be used as hats:
And Santa doesn't have to be overweight, he can be fit and encourage fitness!
After Santa leaves, we all need some cuddling time around the campfire with a guard that displays the nativity scene:
While at the campfire, we all want hot chocolate but don't want to get up and get it! So, how about a cup that makes hot chocolate by itself, just add hot water:
And for the kids who need it, a Santa pill dispenser to encourage and uplift the kids:



Since it was already said in class, I won't spend too much time on the orientation/cropping issue. Correcting this small problem could do wonders for the overall presentation. That being said I believe you came up with some solid innovations within the theme. I especially found the "skinny santa" idea. It fits in very well with the health trend our society seems to be slowly picking up on. maybe one day kids would only know the fit santa. I also enjoyed the "countdown to christmas" santa. I know my fiance would love something like that and it seems feasible to produce and make a profit off of. the close up views of the mind map is a helpful addition, oriented correctly would help out but it is a valuable strategy.

Hi Daniel,
I am sure you are now already tired of hearing the formatting comments (orientation, cropping,, and I am sure you are going to have it perfect in your forthcoming blogs. Having said that, it was indeed very hard to follow up with your work.

I liked how you give heads up before each product and was easy to follow and connect. I really like the donut that makes one loose weight. The world is waiting for it, when are you releasing it?

I do get a sense that you had some focus on health consciousness especially in winter, because there is an average of 10 pounds weight gain between Thanksgiving and New year in the winter. I am sure the FIT Santa is a new message down the line to tell our fellow citizens, that we do need to change, can't we? YES WE CAN!
Overall, great ideas, spice up the look and feel of your blog, way to GO!

-- Shiv


I won't talk about cropping but I will mention contrast...even when the pictures are oriented in the right direction, they are dark and some of the features are lost. By increasing the brightness/contrast, this problem could be easily fixed.

I liked how you had a storyline that went with your products. As I read your blog, I could imagine using these products around Christmastime and that engaged me as a reader.

I would have liked a bit more text to go with your pictures. I was also curious as to what your sub-themes were going to be but did not find that info in your entry.


As its been stated already, formatting issues are one of the things you could work on for this blog post. Some of the things I would fix are the cropping issues, the orientation of the pictures, create better contrast, and make sure your descriptions of the products on the scans are legible. I could not clearly read some of the letters/ word in the pictures.

Other than that I thought that your process was good. Watching improv is probably one of the best fun things done. Since improv means thinking on your feet with no fear its a good way to loosen up! That is a great way to prep yourself for silly products because these didn't have to be feasible at all!

Great job!

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