Crazy - Crazy storming of brains in here!!
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This week I ran a brainstorming session with 6 people to gain more ideas related to my sub-theme. To gain a better perspective into the session, I invited a wide variety of ages (from 12-50+) and professions (electrical engineer, middle school student, college student, recent grad and eye doctor). Before the brainstorming session began, I introduced blue sky idea generation and some of the research behind it. We then played 4 improvisational warm-up exercises:

  1. Zip, Zap, Zop: This game was played to break through some shyness and make the atmosphere a little more comfortable

  2. Look at me: This game was played to give people a chance to observe and relate movement and ideas

  3. Tigers and bears: This game was played to introduce rapid idea generation

  4. Don't do it, love it! This is an original game that consisted of three parts:

    • 'I don't do that because...' This is where each person takes turns offering an idea which is then rejected by all others who say 'I don't do that because...'

    • 'I love that because...' This is where each person again takes turns offering an idea which is then accepted by all others who say 'I love that because...'

    • 'Clapping' This is where each person yet again takes turns offering an idea which is then accepted by all others who clap and smile at the person speaking

Once the participants where relaxed and ready for brainstorming, we began! In preparation for the session, I had converted the several problem statements I had previously gathered into 'How Might We' questions. Here are the questions I utilized for the brainstorming session:

  1. how might we protect the head, ears face and/or neck during winter?

  2. how might we look good wearing head/ear/neck/face protection?

  3. how might we make head/ear/neck/face protection portable? (This question was actually combined into number 2 due to time constraints)

The first question was a blast! The group came up with 115 ideas in 25 minutes! This gave a group IPM of 0.7667 per person (including the facilitator-me). Once the 25 minutes were up, we grouped the ideas into separate categories and multi-voted.
Group - a.jpg
Here is some of the group sorting!
and here is a category that was decided:
Once the categories were decided, everyone combined a minimum of 3 ideas from the pool into a product to appeal to young, college-aged, and older aged people. Each person named their creation and gave a short pitch to the group. Some of the combinations were:

  1. 'Heat Beats': hat with headphones which can play music or pchycological sound beats to heat the user

  2. 'Russian Head/Neck Cover': hat with a 'Russian' hat design, made of diver-type fabric

  3. 'Inter-Controlled Hat/Scarf': hat and scarf that can be worm seperate and also with a battery pack which gives heat and has flashing LED's

  4. 'Air Bubble Hat': hat with an air pocket inside the lining of the hat and fur to cover the air (and represent animals)

The top 6 voted ideas were:

  1. A touch stimulated personal masseuse to keep the user warm. This idea was made by the college student in the group.
    college student.JPG

  2. A scaft that can wrap around to be a hat/head covering. This idea was proposed by me.

  3. A face/head covering which integrated heat warmers. This idea was proposed by the eye doctor.

  4. Mirrors are used to heat the users head/face/neck. This idea was proposed by the young child.

  5. Scarf that grows arms to warm the user up. This idea was proposed by the recent graduate.
    recent grad.JPG

  6. Electrically integrated heater to heat the user. This was was proposed by three different participants.

Some interesting ideas also included: 'Eradicating the cold', 'Head Lice', 'Watch teletubbies', 'Encourage global warming' and even 'Videos of warm places' and 'Flowers to make you feel warm'.
The second question for brainstorming was awesome as well! One of the participants had to leave the session due to some time conflicts, but there were still 5 members in the group who remained. One key observation that stood out to me was how there were much less total number of ideas, but a majority of the ideas were all creative!
Before staring the session, we once again played one improvisation game (Zip-Zap-Zop). This was meant to warm the users up some more from the brainstorming they just did.
This brainstorming session lasted 20 minutes with a total of 63 ideas, giving a IPM of 0.63 per person. This session was focused on the second question (how might we look good wearing head/ear/neck/face protection?) for 15 minutes and on the third question (how might we make head/ear/neck/face protection portable?) for the remaining 5 minutes. Once the ideas were gathered, they were sorted and voted again. This time, however, there was no combination of 3 or more ideas to make another.
The top 8 (yes 8 - there were a lot people liked) ideas were:

  1. A hat with your favorite breakfast build inside the linings. This idea was proposed by the college student.

  2. 'Smart Hat' - has integrated technology with Android. This idea was proposed by the college student.

  3. Inflatable hat which can be deflated for easy storage. This idea was suggested by the recent graduate.

  4. GPS tracking hat. This idea was proposed by the college student.

  5. Hat which reads brain signals and displays the corresponding emotion on the hat's screen display. This idea was proposed by the electrical engineer.

  6. A hat which lights up when needed. This idea was proposed by the college student.

  7. A hat which lets you smell comforting aromas. This idea was suggested by the recent graduate.

  8. A hook inside the coat to store your headwear for easy storage. This idea was proposed by the college student.

These ideas were amazing and very inspiring! There were also some cool 'silly' ideas: 'Hat that can be worn as underwear', 'Hat finds you', 'Hat with wings that flap when user drinks redbull', 'Eatable hat', 'Wifi-enabled hat', 'Hat that can be shot (spiderman style) onto the head', 'Hair that gives user surprise hairstyle', 'Robotic braider headwear that braids hair on head', 'Sensor grid on hat that makes hat invisible', 'Hat with pheromones to attract the ladies'.

In conclusion, the session was amazing!


Overall, I can see the amount of time you put into doing the assignment. You did a great job of getting the participants in a brainstorming mood! This is apparent by the IPM. Some of the ideas weren't quite... feasible? But that's ok! Generate now, critique later. I feel that by redrawing the ideas and scanning them would definitely give your blog a more 'finished' look. Also, your 'how might we' statements are somewhat broad, which can lead to a very wide variety of ideas - some not entirely relevant. By making them a little more specific, your brainstorming session may have been more successful.

Good post. You organised everything clearly and easy to read. Beside that you've clearly invest your work, time and ideas into this brainstorming session, I would have some comment for you to fix:
1. The game that you made was really great and seems fun. However, the part of rejecting idea might not really work for some people, since in a way, they might feel uncomfortable giving ideas. That may lead to thinking of being judged, even though the reason is really funny.
2. Since you facilitated the session, you should have an idea why the second part was a lot slower and less idea then the first one. That would be something that you can learn from for your next brainstorming session.

After all, good post. Keep it up.

Terrible. Just terrible.

Ha, actually, everything looks really good. Figured I would zoom in on the index card in the opening picture. Nice choice of spit, slobber, & warm.
Good IPM for Session 1 and 2.
Would be interested about IPM for Session 3. 25 minutes gives you enough time to get past the un-original ideas and start getting to the nitty-gritty. But 5 or 15 minutes really limits. Doing it last helped because they were already in a "mode". Just for comparison to get a quantitative number.

Agree with Katie from comment 1, redrawing the ideas might give the blog a more finished look, or maybe just scanning them. I know you had a big project to work on, so i'll let you off this time...

Nice job.

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