The final selection process, the final thought, and the final push of the ideation phase. Now was the time to take the top 5 ideas from before and eliminate all but 1!

To do so, I started out making a Pugh Chart to compare the 5 concept ideas on 7 different categories:

1) NOVEL - Testing the novelty of the idea
2) MARKETABLE - Can you get people to buy it
3) FEASIBLE - How possible is the technology
4) CLEAR NEED - Is there a clear need in the market for it
5) COMPETITION - Do other products compare
6) MARKET OPPORTUNITY - Is there a market for the product idea
7) LENGTH OF USE - How long will the product be used for

To compare the five ideas in a Pugh Chart, I made the 'Exercise Hat with Wrist Wrap' the benchmark product. All other products would then be compared to this product. A plus meaning it has an advantage, and a minus meaning a disadvantage. The results of the Pugh Chart alone would show that 'Clippable Doggy Ears Hat' would be the best product. But upon further review, I decided that 'Ear Muffs with Heat Control' would be the product I would move forward with.
Now that the product was decided, I had to give it a new name.... and SYMBOL! I started by making a mind map with Jan Haftek to browse for possible names symbols.
From there I was inspired by the resistor sign. A slogan flowed from there, 'Resist the Cold'. I then explored even more to come up with the name and slogan: FireSide! The name implies warmth and comfort similar to that of the campfire, while still retaining the overall emphasis of a resistor.
The final sketch model of the product idea with a dial style temperature control:
I then decided to take this idea and practice giving a quick pitch (elevator pitch) in an elevator! Here is one of the attempt that was about 30 seconds long.


Your video is sideways! :S Otherwise it's really good. I like your storytelling style and it seems like a natural way to approach the subject. The logo you came up with is also really interesting. I like the stylized resistor. Honestly, I can't think of much of a critique. I suppose it would be nice to know if kids would respond better to your idea vs. a normal hat. Like a, "When I told these kids my idea, they were like 'yeah man, that's rad!'" or something to that effect. Overall, your delivery seems enthusiastic and genuine and I feel like I can really connect with you and your idea through the video. Also, a tiny bit more detail on the product would be nice. How is it powered and other minor technical details. Just a sentence or two more would be great.

You did a great job organizing all of your information and explaining each step of your project. You could benefit from a little more hierarchy, such as including bolded headers for different sections. I appreciate that you took the time to mind-map your product name, and it definitely helped you come up with a unique and professional product name.

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