October 8, 2004

Rhetoric Has a New Conference Room

We are pleased to announce that we now have a second, larger, conference room--Classroom Office 137. Our large wooden table has been moved up to 137 and will seat approximately 10 people. We have also acquired some additional furniture from the Reuse Center to create a second, more flexible, meeting area in this room. Depending on the configuration, this area could seat 12-20 people.

We'll be rescheduling some of the regular monthly meetings (DGS committee, Undergrad committee) up to Room 137. Also, all future graduate presentations will be scheduled either in a classroom or in Room 137. Please check the 137 calendar for availability and contact a staff person to make your reservation.

Our old conferece room, Classroom Office 55, has also undergone a face lift. A new table and chairs have been ordered and we think you will find it much more comfortable. This room is suitable for meetings of 6-8 people. Larger meetings must now be held in room 137. To reserve room 55, please see the calendar for availabilty and contact a staff member.

Posted by rhetoric at October 8, 2004 2:44 PM