May 4, 2005

Award Winners

Industrial Affiliates Fellowship Winners
M.S. S&TC student Linda Hardin Diebes has been awarded the US Bank Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP) Fellowship for 2005-2006. M.S. student, Melissa Christ received the Medtronic Fellowship and Ph.D. candidate, Linda Clemens received the Unisys Fellowship.

Other Awards
B.S. S&TC student Harold Klein was recently awarded a $1,000 scholarship from Philanthrofund on behalf of Medtronic. Philanthrofund awards scholarships for individuals who have demonstrated leadership and service in the GLBT community. The scholarship is for the 2005/2006 academic year.

Congratulations to RSTC doctoral candidate Jennifer Novak, who was recently selected as one of the Society for Technical Communication's (STC) Graduate Student Scholarship recipients. This is quite an honor for Jennifer and for the department. (For more information on the STC's scholarship program, visit The program is open to BS, MS, MA, and PhD students.)

Greg Schneider is this year's winner of the Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award. Congratulations to Greg!

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