May 18, 2005

Two RSTC Students Win Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships

From Art Walzer, Director of Graduate Studies

Congratulations to Amy Patrick (advisor: Dan Philippon) and Clancy Ratliff (advisor: Mary Schuster) who were selected as doctoral dissertation fellows for 2005-06. The fellowship includes a stipend of $17,500 and benefits.

Although I do not know how many nominations were made, there are 180 graduate programs at the University and larger programs can nominate several students. Although statistics for this year's competition are not currently available, last year 76 fellowships were awarded: 42 to students in science and engineering; 31 to students in social science and humanities; 3 to students in business. We are indeed honored to have two RSTC students selected as fellows this year.

Clancy and Amy, and advisors, Dan and Mary: you have made us proud!

Posted by rhetoric at May 18, 2005 4:02 PM