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internship update

Well, as I mentioned before I have been having major problems with my project contact person, the Volunteer Coordinator at the art gallery I am writing a Volunteer/Internship guide for. I had to email him a couple of times, but we weren't able to meet last week. In the meantime, I have been making major progress on writing the guide. The last time I met with the V.C., over a month ago, he really didn't have an idea of what he wanted. Using the information I have, which is incomplete, I have written up a rought draft which I will either email him or give to him at our next meeting. It's been a lot of work because I've been given several very different sources for the information and I'm in the process of integrating and improving on them. I hope to meet with the V.C. at the end of the week to brainstorm additions or changes to the manual.


Hey this sounds like some of the communication barriers I had to go through. It is troublesome when feedback takes longer than you expect it to. I learned that when one person is difficult to contact at work, there is usually someone else with a similar role that can help you. Try to get around sluggish responses by never waiting on somebody, just bring your work to another more helpful person and move forward.


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