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Week of July 24th

My previous big project (concept/prototype documentation) has been delayed due to planning inaccuracies, so I have been assigned another big project to work on. Its working title is the Compendium WIki, its basically an online website that will host all of our development documentation previously on paper and hard-drives. I have to learn beginner code so I can oraganize and customize the website. This is one of the biggest responsibilities I have had at work so far because it relies on the skills of a technical communicator, and not just a technical writer. I am given the freedom to approach this project the way I see fit, but as always there are editing and approval factors. I really enjoyed working here this summer. I learned alot, and I assume all you interns did as well. Now that the internship is finishing this week I just wanted to say its been a pleasure blogging with you all. Enjoy the rest of Summer!


Hey this sounds like some of the communication barriers I had to go through. It is troublesome when feedback takes longer than you expect it to. I learned that when one person is difficult to contact at work, there is usually someone else with a similar role that can help you. Try to get around sluggish responses by never waiting on somebody, just bring your work to another more helpful person and move forward.