May 4, 2009

Family Cont'

As I talked in my last blog how family is a work of art, this entry i will talk about how this work of art is not a perfect replica as you go from family to family but it’s similar. As I have worked on my final project on families and there functions and emotions i learned that there is similarities and differences. As I went through with my project i saw an inner emotion with each family that i interviewed. Each family responded to my questions in a unique way. But as I sat and pondered each answer they all lead to the same direction. The direction of heartfelt love and contentment for there families lives
As an artist puts its ideas on the canvas with every swipe of the brush and every change of color. So are the different ideas of families shown through there raising of there children and there general standards of there families morals. The way an artist can change the overall look of a painting with a change of color. So can a family’s outcome be changed with a lack of curtain discipline or moral judgment can change the families finished product. But as there is always difference in the discipline area, the degree of heartfelt passion is shown through the discipline. Each family that I interviewed had a different out look at the core of there family but everything was put together in the finished product and that finished product was love.

April 19, 2009

The art of families

As I have talked in my past blogs, families are a one of a kind gift that hopefully all people have the privilege to have in there lives. As I have just arrived back from Wisconsin this past weekend being with my family I feel a bit of emptiness and wish fullness to be back near them. But as I was with my family this weekend, I observed them in a way that I have never before. I looked at them as a work of art a piece of art that is unique in every way.
Families can be looked at as a painting on a canvas that is continuously added to every day. Just as each painting or sculpture has its unique look so does each individual family. One family may celebrate certain holidays in a different way then the next family, adding to the uniqueness of this piece of art. Just as an artist adds detail to a painting with a different color or stroke of the paint brush, so does a family adds to there painting with an addition of a family with a birth of a new child. Families are unique in the different amount of children in there family, the number of pets that they have, and many other things. Each family is similar to a piece of art which can not be copied. There is always something that is different, it be how a family celebrates a birthday, which is like an artist that uses a different color on a canvas.

April 6, 2009

why is family important

So why is a family important? Well there can be many different answers to that question. First off families are a support group, a friend, an inspiration, someone you look up to and finally someone that can give you some helping hand in a time of need.
As i explained in my last entry the Joad family had the will and heart to continue to push forward even in time of despair because every member of the family helped each other. Just in the past few days i watch in the news and hear of these mass killings across the country. i think to myself where is that person or persons family when they were showing signs of despair. There had to be signs days and months before those acts that indicated the actions that were about to happen. I ask myself why didn’t these individuals seek there families for that friendly advice and support that the Joads so graciously did. I really don’t know the answer to that question, all i can hope is that if they did there family tried to make an effort to help them.
Now cant say that even if these individuals sought the help of there families that these acts could have been prevented. But i do know that in times of need a family can heal any wound and any hurt. For the final project i will be doing a documentary on families and the positive affects that families have on individual’s lives. The families will consist of a mother and father and siblings and some will consist of only a mother. But where all these stories will lead to is that in time of a family tragedy the family was there to support. During times of joy of a Childs birth the family was there to celebrate the new beginning of a life and the growth of that family.
Families are not just something that is nice to have but families are a necessity for a successful life.
I know i have talked about the Joad family and the importance of family in there lives but. The joads are such a good example of a true successful family. In my opinion the book could be based around the great depression but concentrating on the core of the family and what it entails. From page one Steinbeck buts emphasis’s on the family and its daily actions of it, and how it leads to them making it to California even with much strife.
The Joads is a leading example of a true family but its more then that, its an example that needs to be an important figure in a persons life regardless if there blood relatives or they are just friends.

March 23, 2009

family in your life

Family is an important figure in a person’s life. Family can take many different forms. It may be your ordinary nuclear family or it may be just having one parent. Whatever it may be a family holds a lot of power in a person’s life. Families’ help individuals get through hardships throughout life offering compassion and friendly advice. I know in my life my family is a huge reason for my success in everything I do.
In the case of the Joads and there adventure during the great depression, family was pivotal to there attempt for a better life. With out the advice and combined strength of the Joad family they would have not even made it to California, but with all of the family determined to find work they were able to push forward to. Just as in the case of the Joads, family was a predominant factor in ever member of the family just as it is in my family. Family does not only give strength but it gives comfort and compassion, as a individual being part of a family you know that they will be there for you in the good and bad times in your life. Family is not just something that comes and goes like a friend you meet at school but they are connected with you for your entire life.

March 1, 2009

What can we do

So if our public servants are pushing us as individuals to live in this spectacle what do we do. Well it’s hard to totally rebel against it and just leave it. But I believe there is ways we can continue to have reality in our lives as individuals while living along or in this spectacle. As I said in my last entire this spectacle is something this is continuing to be pushed upon us weather we like it or not.
The rulers of this spectacle want to make our decisions of our lives. They want control of everything; they want to control our private property or decisions to have medical care given to us when needed and many more crucial decisions that we will have to make. As times are financially tougher the spectacle continues to pressure us how to spend our money. Along with putting the responsibility of having the responsible people pay for the downfalls of the irresponsible people in society.
Well what choice to we have other then to conform to this pressure. There isn’t many but in my mind there are a few. One speaks out the false hoods of this spectacle we live in. Second would be to remove yourself from the spectacle geographically, meaning move out of this country. Third thing would be surround yourself with support group that includes people with the same ideals.
But the most important thing is to distinguish the deterioration of the reality in society and with the support group around you make sure that as individuals we keep the idea of reality in our lives. This reality like I said in my past entries is the responsible decision making we do as individuals by contributing to society with our hard work and our many new ideas for the future, which will keep the reality close to our lives.

February 16, 2009

cont' reality

This sepctacale we live in and the confidence we carry as we walk through this spectacle is only ours and cannot be taken away from us. So what is this confidence that we should be leading our lives with. Well to me this confidence consist of many things but the most important thing is the confidence in the reality that makes u the happiest. Now this confidence comes down to the belifs you have the morals u have and the respect you have for yourself and other people. Really the confidence can be the things that keeps your life together.
I am not going to get into the religion realm or anything like that but i think this confidence that a person should have should be able to get thme to see what true reality is. Now i think that a person is able to live in this spectacle of worldly views and still be able to live there lives properly. What i am talking about is not just going along with the crowed and taking other ppls words for truth i think each person needs to look closely at every situation and dissect each situation and not just wear there emotions on there sleeves. I know i have kind of just rambled on about a few things but i want to tie this thought up.

To me this spectacle that we live in is a dangerous one. its one that i think alot of ppl dont really understand whats going on around us. we as a country are so disconnected from reality that its not even funny. yes the past president was not the best and he didnt make the best choices in some things. but now i look at what we have and i see corruption and liars and deceitful ppl trying to run my life. And then i look at all of these ppl just going along with this corruption and that is just a prime example of what reality really is. Reality is not giving ppl something just because they are living in this nation but they should be given things when they work for it, handouts is not what this country was built on and if we keep living in this spectacle of non reality people will pay for it for many years to come.

So in closing as individuals we need to look deep inside of ourselves and make sure that the decisions we make are the right ones and not just those that this spectacle wants us to make. If as individuals we can say i believe this is the correct decision then i think that u are living closer to reality the next person

February 1, 2009

what is the reality in our lives?

When we get out of bed every day we get dressed eat breakfast and head off to school or work, we do this day after day after day. Now are these daily routines reality? Well I think most of us would say they are. But I guess before I go any further I guess I have to ask the question, what is reality? Well to me the answer to that question can be many different things. I think I general terms it’s what your life consist of as a whole.
Some may refer to reality as a spectacle and the spectacle being the reality of society and the thinking’s of society. To me I think reality is not influenced by words or actions of others but it’s a confidence that each person has in them and in the way the lead there life.