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February 16, 2009

cont' reality

This sepctacale we live in and the confidence we carry as we walk through this spectacle is only ours and cannot be taken away from us. So what is this confidence that we should be leading our lives with. Well to me this confidence consist of many things but the most important thing is the confidence in the reality that makes u the happiest. Now this confidence comes down to the belifs you have the morals u have and the respect you have for yourself and other people. Really the confidence can be the things that keeps your life together.
I am not going to get into the religion realm or anything like that but i think this confidence that a person should have should be able to get thme to see what true reality is. Now i think that a person is able to live in this spectacle of worldly views and still be able to live there lives properly. What i am talking about is not just going along with the crowed and taking other ppls words for truth i think each person needs to look closely at every situation and dissect each situation and not just wear there emotions on there sleeves. I know i have kind of just rambled on about a few things but i want to tie this thought up.

To me this spectacle that we live in is a dangerous one. its one that i think alot of ppl dont really understand whats going on around us. we as a country are so disconnected from reality that its not even funny. yes the past president was not the best and he didnt make the best choices in some things. but now i look at what we have and i see corruption and liars and deceitful ppl trying to run my life. And then i look at all of these ppl just going along with this corruption and that is just a prime example of what reality really is. Reality is not giving ppl something just because they are living in this nation but they should be given things when they work for it, handouts is not what this country was built on and if we keep living in this spectacle of non reality people will pay for it for many years to come.

So in closing as individuals we need to look deep inside of ourselves and make sure that the decisions we make are the right ones and not just those that this spectacle wants us to make. If as individuals we can say i believe this is the correct decision then i think that u are living closer to reality the next person

February 1, 2009

what is the reality in our lives?

When we get out of bed every day we get dressed eat breakfast and head off to school or work, we do this day after day after day. Now are these daily routines reality? Well I think most of us would say they are. But I guess before I go any further I guess I have to ask the question, what is reality? Well to me the answer to that question can be many different things. I think I general terms it’s what your life consist of as a whole.
Some may refer to reality as a spectacle and the spectacle being the reality of society and the thinking’s of society. To me I think reality is not influenced by words or actions of others but it’s a confidence that each person has in them and in the way the lead there life.