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family in your life

Family is an important figure in a person’s life. Family can take many different forms. It may be your ordinary nuclear family or it may be just having one parent. Whatever it may be a family holds a lot of power in a person’s life. Families’ help individuals get through hardships throughout life offering compassion and friendly advice. I know in my life my family is a huge reason for my success in everything I do.
In the case of the Joads and there adventure during the great depression, family was pivotal to there attempt for a better life. With out the advice and combined strength of the Joad family they would have not even made it to California, but with all of the family determined to find work they were able to push forward to. Just as in the case of the Joads, family was a predominant factor in ever member of the family just as it is in my family. Family does not only give strength but it gives comfort and compassion, as a individual being part of a family you know that they will be there for you in the good and bad times in your life. Family is not just something that comes and goes like a friend you meet at school but they are connected with you for your entire life.