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What can we do

So if our public servants are pushing us as individuals to live in this spectacle what do we do. Well it’s hard to totally rebel against it and just leave it. But I believe there is ways we can continue to have reality in our lives as individuals while living along or in this spectacle. As I said in my last entire this spectacle is something this is continuing to be pushed upon us weather we like it or not.
The rulers of this spectacle want to make our decisions of our lives. They want control of everything; they want to control our private property or decisions to have medical care given to us when needed and many more crucial decisions that we will have to make. As times are financially tougher the spectacle continues to pressure us how to spend our money. Along with putting the responsibility of having the responsible people pay for the downfalls of the irresponsible people in society.
Well what choice to we have other then to conform to this pressure. There isn’t many but in my mind there are a few. One speaks out the false hoods of this spectacle we live in. Second would be to remove yourself from the spectacle geographically, meaning move out of this country. Third thing would be surround yourself with support group that includes people with the same ideals.
But the most important thing is to distinguish the deterioration of the reality in society and with the support group around you make sure that as individuals we keep the idea of reality in our lives. This reality like I said in my past entries is the responsible decision making we do as individuals by contributing to society with our hard work and our many new ideas for the future, which will keep the reality close to our lives.