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The art of families

As I have talked in my past blogs, families are a one of a kind gift that hopefully all people have the privilege to have in there lives. As I have just arrived back from Wisconsin this past weekend being with my family I feel a bit of emptiness and wish fullness to be back near them. But as I was with my family this weekend, I observed them in a way that I have never before. I looked at them as a work of art a piece of art that is unique in every way.
Families can be looked at as a painting on a canvas that is continuously added to every day. Just as each painting or sculpture has its unique look so does each individual family. One family may celebrate certain holidays in a different way then the next family, adding to the uniqueness of this piece of art. Just as an artist adds detail to a painting with a different color or stroke of the paint brush, so does a family adds to there painting with an addition of a family with a birth of a new child. Families are unique in the different amount of children in there family, the number of pets that they have, and many other things. Each family is similar to a piece of art which can not be copied. There is always something that is different, it be how a family celebrates a birthday, which is like an artist that uses a different color on a canvas.