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why is family important

So why is a family important? Well there can be many different answers to that question. First off families are a support group, a friend, an inspiration, someone you look up to and finally someone that can give you some helping hand in a time of need.
As i explained in my last entry the Joad family had the will and heart to continue to push forward even in time of despair because every member of the family helped each other. Just in the past few days i watch in the news and hear of these mass killings across the country. i think to myself where is that person or persons family when they were showing signs of despair. There had to be signs days and months before those acts that indicated the actions that were about to happen. I ask myself why didn’t these individuals seek there families for that friendly advice and support that the Joads so graciously did. I really don’t know the answer to that question, all i can hope is that if they did there family tried to make an effort to help them.
Now cant say that even if these individuals sought the help of there families that these acts could have been prevented. But i do know that in times of need a family can heal any wound and any hurt. For the final project i will be doing a documentary on families and the positive affects that families have on individual’s lives. The families will consist of a mother and father and siblings and some will consist of only a mother. But where all these stories will lead to is that in time of a family tragedy the family was there to support. During times of joy of a Childs birth the family was there to celebrate the new beginning of a life and the growth of that family.
Families are not just something that is nice to have but families are a necessity for a successful life.
I know i have talked about the Joad family and the importance of family in there lives but. The joads are such a good example of a true successful family. In my opinion the book could be based around the great depression but concentrating on the core of the family and what it entails. From page one Steinbeck buts emphasis’s on the family and its daily actions of it, and how it leads to them making it to California even with much strife.
The Joads is a leading example of a true family but its more then that, its an example that needs to be an important figure in a persons life regardless if there blood relatives or they are just friends.