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May 4, 2009

Family Cont'

As I talked in my last blog how family is a work of art, this entry i will talk about how this work of art is not a perfect replica as you go from family to family but it’s similar. As I have worked on my final project on families and there functions and emotions i learned that there is similarities and differences. As I went through with my project i saw an inner emotion with each family that i interviewed. Each family responded to my questions in a unique way. But as I sat and pondered each answer they all lead to the same direction. The direction of heartfelt love and contentment for there families lives
As an artist puts its ideas on the canvas with every swipe of the brush and every change of color. So are the different ideas of families shown through there raising of there children and there general standards of there families morals. The way an artist can change the overall look of a painting with a change of color. So can a family’s outcome be changed with a lack of curtain discipline or moral judgment can change the families finished product. But as there is always difference in the discipline area, the degree of heartfelt passion is shown through the discipline. Each family that I interviewed had a different out look at the core of there family but everything was put together in the finished product and that finished product was love.