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Increased tuition as part of Bruininks plan

University of Minnesota President Robert Bruininks announced his request to the Minnesota legislature Friday, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

In 2009, the U's president will ask for $141 million in new money. During these tough economic times, many are sceptical that the U will be unsuccessful in receiving state funding.

Bruininks believes the funding is critical, and the amount he is asking for is "modest".

There are three major components that President Bruininks belives will need more funding. These three things that Bruininks wants the state to pay for:

1. A 3 percent salary increase for faculty and staff in both of the next two years, for $95 million.

2. Funding for more student scholarships, especially students who come from middle income homes, for $16 million.

3. More funding to enhance research capacity, at $30 million.

U of M regent Dean Johnson told MPR, "what we need to do is take the long-term approach. If we take the short-term approach, we will fail at this. We need to convince the Legislature and the governor that this is an investment in our economy."

In addition to the requested funds Bruininks would like to receive, he plans on making $26 million in cuts over the next two years. This will be reflected in student's tuition as well, where he plans to increase it by 4.5% over the next two years.

Bruininks says the increase in tuition could be higher if the state does not provide the U with the funding he has requested.

The regents will vote in October whether or not to approve President Bruininks plan.