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Obama raised $66 million in August

The New York Times reported that Senator Barack Obama had his highest fundraising month to date in August, raising $66 million.

Both presidential candidates took a brief break from negative campaigning during the major damaging passing of Hurricane Ike. Senators McCain and Obama have resumed their political attacks, with Obama referring to McCain this weekend as "out of touch". Shortly after, McCain supporters accused Democrats on Sunday as "ageist" in reference to attacks against 72-year-old McCain.

McCain will receive a $84 million cash infusion from a government presidential-election fund, putting him at a higher advantage over Obama in terms of fund-raising efforts.

More striking than the amount of money Obama raised in August, is the half-million first-time donors who contributed. Many of these donors gave far less than the $2,300 limit per person in any general election.

Obama's campaign saw significant spikes in donated funds immediately after he accepted the Democratic presidential nomination, as well as when Gov. Sarah Palin was announced as McCain's running mate.

Senator Obama's campaign announced it raised $10 in 24 hours this month, after Gov. Palin addressed the Republican National Convetion, the Associated Press reported.

“These are very positive numbers for Obama, and they nearly guarantee him an overall spending edge in the fall,� said Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virgina.

Obama spoke to a large rally in in Manchester, N.H. on Saturday saying, “John McCain doesn’t get it. He doesn’t know what’s going on in your lives. He is out of touch with the American people.�