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St. Kate's has new name, keeps values

Beginning this June, The College of St. Catherine will change its name to St. Catherine University, the Star Tribune reported.

St. Kate's officials are aiming for a more holistic representation of the school, and hope to prove that the school is more than just a residential liberal arts college for women.

St. Kate's, which opened in 1900, offers a wide array of graduate and weekend programs as well.

"It's simple, it's elegant and it puts St. Catherine, which is our brand, first," President Andrea Lee told the Pioneer Press.

The new name is not intended to shift the focus of St. Kate's mission for education, and they intend to keep their baccalaureate programs just for women. The graduate school, which consists of more than 1,400 students, is co-ed.

Last school year, 2007-08, St. Kate's was ranked as the largest women's college in country with 2,900 women in the undergraduate program.