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Obama jumps ahead in Minnesota Poll

A new Star Tribune poll reveals that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has taken a strong lead over Republican John McCain.

Of the 1,084 likely Minnesota voters, 55 percent support Obama, while 37 percent support McCain. This poll is a significant change from the September poll which had supporters split almost evenly.

Reasoning for this change has to do with voters' confidence in Obama's ability to deal with the nation's failing economy, his performance in the first presidential debate, as well as an increase in the number of Minnesota Democrats.

Obama's lead is reflected in every demographic of age, gender and occupation.

Other states, including battleground states, are showing an Obama lead as well. Gallup's daily national tracking poll released Friday showed Obama leading McCain by 7 percentage points.

In some states, Obama was trailing in polls by as much as 10%, but has increased in approval and is leading in key states such as Ohio, Virginia and Florida.