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Seattle high-school students now able to receive failing grade

Seattle public high-school students who do poorly can receive a failing grade on their report cards, a policy that has not been in effect for seven years, the Seattle Times reported.

No students have received an E, a mark more commonly known as an F, since 2000. High schools instead handed out N's for "no credit," which didn't affect a student's grade-point average. The E is will be back this semester, effective immediately.

A district committee recently discovered that the exclusive use of N's violated School Board policy. Many local principals and teachers support the decision arguing that students need more of a consequence for failure.

The harsher consequences may have a large impact on athletes, as they are required to maintain a C average to be able to play. Students also may find the college application process more difficult as they look at schools, although local area colleges are aware of the change.

In the past students preferred an N over a D or even a low C, since the N will have no impact on their grade point average.

A few educators say they'll miss the flexibility that the N enabled, especially the ability to send students a message without putting a big dent into their GPAs.