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Two DHL Executives Killed in Kabul

The NY Times reported that the deputy and director of the international courier service DHL in Afghanistan were shot and killed by security guard outside their office in central Kabul on Saturday, police said.

The early stages investigation found one of the Afghan security guards guarding the DHL compound shot the car carrying the two men, a Briton and a South African, when it pulled into the company headquarters, said Mirza Muhammad Yarmand, chief of the Interior Ministry's criminal investigations department.

The guard proceeded to put the AK-47 rifle to his own head and killed himself, Yarmand said.

The guard had been hired about a month ago from a Pashtun area just north of Kabul, Yarmand said. The Taliban recruits many of its fighters from the Pashtun ethnic group, but police had no evidence associating him to the insurgents.

Zabiullah Mujahed, a spokesman for the Taliban, denied that the group was to blame for the attack and said he did not know who was responsible for the shooting.

"This was a terrorist-style attack," Yarmand said.

The attack, which is in a fairly secure part of downtown Kabul, occurred days after the fatal shooting Monday of a British aid worker in western Kabul.

Gerold Beck, a DHL spokesman at its headquarters in Bonn, Germany, said the company was working with authorities to "clarify the situation."