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Presidential candidates making closing arguments in swing states

The NY Times reported that Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain are giving their closing arguments in the last two days of their campaigns, by focusing their energy on states their respective parties lost in the last election.

McCain, who is trailing in national polls, was speaking in two states that voted Democratic in 2004, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. On Monday he will visit five states that are considered swing states — starting with a midnight rally in Florida then Virginia, Indiana, New Mexico and Nevada — as well as a stop in Tennessee before returning home to Arizona on Tuesday.

“Now let me give you a little straight talk about the state of the race today,? McCain said at a morning rally at Strath Haven High School in Wallingford, Pa. “There’s just two days left. We’re a couple of points behind in Pennsylvania. The pundits have written us off, just like they’ve done before.?

Sen. Obama, spent Sunday speaking at rallies in the swing state of Ohio, with Bruce Springsteen warming up the crowd in Cleveland. On Monday, he will speak in three states that voted for President Bush in 2004; Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, before returning to Chicago.

“We are at the crossroads, and its been a long, long, time coming,? Springsteen said.“I am honored to be on the same stage with Senator Obama. From the beginning, there’s been something in Senator Obama that’s called upon our better angels.?

Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee, was also in Ohio this weekend, visiting Columbus on Sunday during her four-city Ohio tour.

“The time for choosing is near, and the choice is going to come down to what we believe in, Ohio,? she said in Canton. “We believe in the forward movement of freedom, not the constant expansion of government.?