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Idea Evaluation

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1. Fashionable Penguin-Inspired Coat: Functional for extremely cold weather without the bulk

2. Four Layer Coat: wicking, warmth, water, wind with easily retractable internal layers

3. Sleeping Bag Coat: Extra Comfy, Extra Warm, and Extra Long

4. Heated Backpack: with cooking and warming pockets

5. Phone Coat: The coat connects with your phone in an inner pocket, screen is on your arm and listening/speaking devices are come through the hood

6. A Coat with an extendable hood that goes over your entire face. Face area is clear and has holes so you can breathe

7. Temperature Adjusting Under Layers

8. Snow Pants with a Body Temperature Regulator: so you are never too hot or too cold

9. A temperature monitor watch that beeps if you are getting too cold or hot

10. Insta-Hot Soup: You put the soup (or other canned good) can inside a plastic canister, turn it on and it begins to cook the food and continues to keep food warm after opening

I posted a survey with two questions.
1. How likely are you to buy this product?

Response Options: Not At All Likely, Not Likely, Likely, Very Likely
2. How much would you be willing to pay for this product?

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TOP 5:
1. Temperature Adjusting Under Layers
Novel: No Marketable: Yes Feasible: Yes
2. Four Layer Coat
Novel: Yes Marketable: Yes Feasible: Yes
3. Fashionable Penguin-Inspired Coat
Novel: Yes Marketable: Yes Feasible: Yes
4. Snow Pants w/ Body Temp. Regulator
Novel: No Marketable: Yes Feasible: Yes
5. Insta-Hot Soup
Novel: Yes Marketable: Yes Feasible: Yes


1. Temperature Adjusting Under Layers
The following information I found is the technology that is already being implemented for warming and cooling controls in clothing.
Patent: Body temperature control device and body temperature controller using the control device: WO 2003000159 A1
Main Concerns: Already seems to have been done. The technology is there, so how do I make it different? How do I utilize it to its maximum capabilities?

2. Four Layer Coat
There are no coats following my idea of incorporating all layers and being retractable. The following youtube video details layering.

Patent: Concealed down garment: CN 202842399 U
Main Concerns: Would retractable layers be possible? Would this coat be too warm otherwise?

3. Fashionable Penguin-Inspired Coat
There are no coats with this particular idea. There is a penguin brand coat and coats that use thermal technology without the bulkiness of, say, a down coat.
Patent: Waterproof coat US 1359999 A
Main Concerns: How do I keep this warm and for winter camping without incorporating too much bulk into the coat? What fabrics will work best in winter camping conditions? How can I incorporate the penguin ideas without making it too much of a novelty/joke?

4. Snow Pants with Body Temp. Regulator
(SEE #1)
Patent: Garments for heating or cooling body parts: WO 2003061412 A2
Main Concerns: Does this become a full body temp. regulator? Will the technology add too much weight? Will the technology effect the abilities of those using the pants for recreational purposes?

5. Insta-Hot Soup
There are multiple technologies in place that are similar to my idea. The Hot Can Self Heating Soup is the most closely related.
Hot Logic Lunchbox.jpg
Patent: Food and beverage warming device: WO 2012006536 A2
Main Concerns: How can I make this product my own? What would be different about my product that fits my target user's need?

Structured Idea Generation




Can I replace or change any parts?
Make the hood go all the way over, but can still see and breathe out of it.
Sleeves extend and/or turn into mittens

Can I use other ingredients or materials?
Netting, sheets, paper, plastic, wood, clear, quilted

Can I use other processes or procedures?
Self-regulating, changing temperature, adjustments for growth

Can I change its shape?
Round, thinner, thicket

Can I change its color, roughness, sound or smell?
It could come in a variety of scents

What if I change its name?
Cover, Blocker, Bubble, Animal names

Can I substitute one part for another?
It could close at the bottom opening with buttons

Can I use this idea in a different place?
As a blanket

Can I change my feelings or attitude towards it?
Something not just for cold weather, a fashion statement

Can I use a different energy source?
Electric, solar powered


Can I combine or recombine its parts' purposes?
Layers (wicking, warmth, water, wind) built-in with a button for retracting

Can I combine or merge it with other objects?
Built in water bottle pouches, watch in the coat sleeve, built-in lighter, hand warmer pockets

What materials could be combined?
Heating/warming technologies

Can I combine different talents to improve it?
Ability to cook, ability to make emergency phone calls


Is there something similar, but in a different context?
Blankets, sweaters, fleece jackets, fire place

Does the past offer any lessons with similar ideas?
Wrap coats, umbrella hoods, blanket coats (ponchos)

What could I copy, borrow or steal?
Comfort of blankets and/or sleeping bags

What ideas could I incorporate?
Easy access with gloves, changing colors

What different contexts can I put my concept in?
Fashion, sleeping

What ideas outside my field can I incorporate?


What can you add?
Length, fabric, removable/extendable elements

What can be extended?
Sleeves, hood, collar, length

Can it be done faster?
Easy to put on/take off

What can be magnified or made larger?
Hood could be bigger, thickness near legs

What can be exaggerated or overstated?
Could become a novelty item

What can be made higher, bigger or stronger?
Hood could be all of these

Can I add extra features or somehow add extra value?
Extra abilities

Can it do more things?
Make food, phone calls


How would a child use it? An older person?
Kids: for playing in the snow, easy for going to the bathroom
Older: Not too thick, comfortable, easy mobility

How would people with different disabilities use it?
Wheelchair: blanket coat can be draped over wheelchair
No complicated snaps, buttons or having to reach down too far to zip up, magnetic coat buttons

Can I use this idea in other markets or industries?
Clothes that are easy to get in and out of, nothing complicated


What parts can be removed without altering its function?

What's non-essential or unnecessary?
Buttons, zipper, could just be one attaching material instead of multiple

What if I made it smaller?
It would only fit children

What feature can I understate or omit?

Should I split it into different parts?
Sleeves become detachable, hood detachable, mittens attach

Can I compact or make it smaller?
Ability to fold down into a small bag


Are there other patterns, layouts or sequences I can use?
Patterned coats, made to look like something else (animal, food, etc)

Should I turn it around? Up instead of down? Down instead of up?
Hood at the bottom, sleeves on legs

What if I consider it backwards? Inside out?
Reversible depending on weather format

What if I try doing the exact opposite of what I originally intended?
Make it for hot weather: cooling qualities

Part Two: Morphological Analysis

Morphological Analysis.jpg

Product Results:
Fur Snow Suit.jpg
Fur, Snow Suit, Boots
Skin Gloves.jpg
Fire, Skin, Oven Mit
Blanket Snow Suit.jpg
Blanket, Snow Suit, Ear Muff

Part Three: Developed Ideas
Boot Skis.jpg
Insta-Hot Soup.jpg

Part Four: 10 Ideas

Brainstorming Sesh


Participants: Mike, Nick, Elizabeth, Alec

1."How Might We... design new ways of keeping warm outside in cold temperatures"
2."How Might We... keep food warm while cooking outdoors in the winter"

Pre-Brainstorming: I had each of my participants come up with an idea for each "how might we..." statement. When they arrived I had them keep their designs to themselves while we played a few games. First we started with a round of catch phrase. From there we played a game of something I made up called "I'm lazy so finish my joke." The game starts with someone telling a joke, I cut them off before the punchline and point to someone at random for them to finish the joke with whatever they want. Regardless of it if is funny everyone has to "ha ha HA!" at the end of it.

After this everyone shared their designs and then we jumped into brainstorming!


Brainstorming: This didn't go too well. My participants kept claiming "I'm not creative enough..." and "I don't have much time for this, when will it end?" I feel this hindered the creative process a bit, because the focus wasn't on letting their minds roam. I emphasized quantity not quality, but it wasn't taken too well. Luckily, there were some gems after everyone started getting into it! We ran out of post-its quickly because I didn't have too many to begin with, so we started writing them on the backs of their initial sketches.

How might we design new ways of keeping warm outside in cold temperatures
Categories: Coats and Layerables, Boots, Gloves, Novelty Items

Top 5:
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Idea Credit: Mike

2013-11-17 23-25-21.jpg
Idea Credit: Nick

2013-11-17 23-19-43.jpg
Idea Credit: Mike

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Idea Credit: Elizabeth

2013-11-17 23-22-23.jpg
Idea Credit: Nick

How might we keep food warm while cooking outdoors in the winter
Categories: Cooking Devices, Utensils, Bags, Fire

Top 5:
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Idea Credit: Alec

2013-11-17 23-22-57.jpg
Idea Credit: Elizabeth

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Idea Credit: Nick

2013-11-17 23-20-33.jpg
Idea Credit: Mike

2013-11-17 23-24-56.jpg
Idea Credit: Alec

Winter Camping


First step in understanding my winter camping subject was to observe and experience it for myself. I was not able to participate in this, but did the next best thing: took to the internet! Essentially, winter camping is camping in cold weather conditions typically in snow-ridden areas. There is a higher level of intensity and skill that goes into winter camping. So much so that there are numerous resources to ensure a winter camper is educated enough to take to the great outdoors in this type of weather.
I gathered a few different items I thought to be of some value. Where I felt like I found the best information for my "observations" was on REI's website.

REI's website has a Winter Camping Checklist as well as tips for the challenges that will be faced:

Both my informants and REI discussed the importance of not going alone and being extra prepared because you never know what might happen during the trip. They make note of the layering and issues that might arise from working hard detailing "if you take a break, put on a layer so you don't cool off too much. Your body will have to work harder to warm up again." Each list leads into a more specifics on a particular item that should be on your winter camping checklist.

For the interview process I decided to contact people a friend of mine knows. Her husband has been involved in winter camping for many years now through something offered through scouting called Snow Base. Snow Base takes groups of Boy Scouts out on winter camping weekends where they learn how to master this skill and have fun while doing so. This connection brought me to a few other resources. One with a 28 year old male who has had a handful of years participating in winter camping activities. One, age 16, with a staff member who has been winter camping for seven years outside of working at Snow Base, but involved because of winter camping with his troop over the years. He explained that the fun is in the challenge of juggling the elements of keeping warm, keeping dry and cooking. I made a mini mind map of some of the highlights I gathered from these interviews. I didn't include every detail, but I did this to illustrate what became the focus of my interview topics.


Through these interviews I was able to conclude some of the major categories related to winter camping are the challenges, food, equipment and shelter. There is a lot of cross over between categories, but these seemed the most notable after talking to my interviewees. I found that there are numerous supplies that must be brought along to ensure a safe and fun trip. The challenges that are inevitable as well as the unexpected which winter campers must be prepared for. There is a great need for knowledge in order to participate in winter camping activities because without this knowledge could be the dividing factor between life and death. Each subcategory has many layers all based around the juxtaposing themes of warmth and coldness. These are obviously very important ideas to understand when discussing winter camping because it is in the cold, but people need to be warm for survival! winter1.jpg

Quotes that stuck out the most:
"Change your clothes as needed use a layering system: wicking, warmth, water, and wind layers."


"Using a gas stove takes more heat to work because you have to turn the gas liquid into a gas vapor, heat goes into air and not the food."

Problem Statements:
Winter campers need a way to cook food faster and keep food warmer for a longer period of time because there are not many options due to the cold weather conditions.

Winter campers need a way to regulate body temperature because adding or subtracting layers is not the most articulate means of temperature modification.



Before starting my mind map, I watched an episode of the TV show Pushing Daisies. Although not an overt comedy, there are many strange and comical qualities to this show. The overall aesthetic of the program is intriguing and pushing creative boundaries on how things exist in this world.

My three subthemes are winter clothing, winter activities and Christmas.














This assignment proved to be difficult for many reasons. To begin, I was worried because I don't cook/bake much and whenever I have, everything is typically burnt. My next concern was my lack of ingredients. When you don't bake, why have ingredients? Then financially there is no room in my student budget to waste on trying new cookie recipe resources! My boyfriend gave me some cookie dough and I decided to think about the design and how we eat cookies. Many people eat cookies with milk so I thought about different ways to incorporate milk and then shape of the cookie. First I thought about making a mini cookie bowl that could hold milk in it. When it came out of the oven, I quickly realized it would fall apart if I just put milk in the bowl. I had tiny bowls, so I put the cookie in there and let the milk surround it and added Nutella to the center of the bowl instead. It tasted like a nice dessert, but after awhile it all got too soggy. A then thought about making cookie "french fries" which would be like cookie sticks. I, again, have never really baked before and my stick shaped cookies turned into flat, long oval cookies. It reminded me of something that would be easy to dunk. I put the cookies with some milk and they tasted really good, maybe a little thin, but the milk helped. Although these weren't super innovative ideas, I was able to work with the resources I had to eat these cookies in a different way.


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