This assignment proved to be difficult for many reasons. To begin, I was worried because I don't cook/bake much and whenever I have, everything is typically burnt. My next concern was my lack of ingredients. When you don't bake, why have ingredients? Then financially there is no room in my student budget to waste on trying new cookie recipe resources! My boyfriend gave me some cookie dough and I decided to think about the design and how we eat cookies. Many people eat cookies with milk so I thought about different ways to incorporate milk and then shape of the cookie. First I thought about making a mini cookie bowl that could hold milk in it. When it came out of the oven, I quickly realized it would fall apart if I just put milk in the bowl. I had tiny bowls, so I put the cookie in there and let the milk surround it and added Nutella to the center of the bowl instead. It tasted like a nice dessert, but after awhile it all got too soggy. A then thought about making cookie "french fries" which would be like cookie sticks. I, again, have never really baked before and my stick shaped cookies turned into flat, long oval cookies. It reminded me of something that would be easy to dunk. I put the cookies with some milk and they tasted really good, maybe a little thin, but the milk helped. Although these weren't super innovative ideas, I was able to work with the resources I had to eat these cookies in a different way.



Hi Alyssa, your blog shows that you have been playing around with presentation styles and ways of eating cookies. Good work on that!
Just so that you know, there are several opportunities to innovate with 'no-bake' cookies as well. The good news is that some of these only call for ingredients that are commonly available at home. :)


I love the idea and the fact that you tested and documented various ways to implement it. I would have liked to see more photographs or other documentation to show these attempts and demonstrate their pros/cons.

It seems like you also didn't do much brainstorming with the initial idea of pairing with milk. I would have liked to see a broader base of ideas to draw from (more ideas mean better ideas!).

Overall it seems like the cookies turned out well. I t would have been cool to see more experimentation with the cookie flavor and ingredients.


Hey Alyssa.

I liked your 'student' approach toward the cookies. You did a good job at describing and implementing different shapes. I would, however, like to have seen a more visual representation of your results. Also, it would be very beneficial if you had added a final recipe on the blog.

Good job overall!

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