Brainstorming Sesh


Participants: Mike, Nick, Elizabeth, Alec

1."How Might We... design new ways of keeping warm outside in cold temperatures"
2."How Might We... keep food warm while cooking outdoors in the winter"

Pre-Brainstorming: I had each of my participants come up with an idea for each "how might we..." statement. When they arrived I had them keep their designs to themselves while we played a few games. First we started with a round of catch phrase. From there we played a game of something I made up called "I'm lazy so finish my joke." The game starts with someone telling a joke, I cut them off before the punchline and point to someone at random for them to finish the joke with whatever they want. Regardless of it if is funny everyone has to "ha ha HA!" at the end of it.

After this everyone shared their designs and then we jumped into brainstorming!


Brainstorming: This didn't go too well. My participants kept claiming "I'm not creative enough..." and "I don't have much time for this, when will it end?" I feel this hindered the creative process a bit, because the focus wasn't on letting their minds roam. I emphasized quantity not quality, but it wasn't taken too well. Luckily, there were some gems after everyone started getting into it! We ran out of post-its quickly because I didn't have too many to begin with, so we started writing them on the backs of their initial sketches.

How might we design new ways of keeping warm outside in cold temperatures
Categories: Coats and Layerables, Boots, Gloves, Novelty Items

Top 5:
Thumbnail image for 2013-11-17 23-24-13.jpg
Idea Credit: Mike

2013-11-17 23-25-21.jpg
Idea Credit: Nick

2013-11-17 23-19-43.jpg
Idea Credit: Mike

Thumbnail image for 2013-11-17 23-21-08.jpg
Idea Credit: Elizabeth

2013-11-17 23-22-23.jpg
Idea Credit: Nick

How might we keep food warm while cooking outdoors in the winter
Categories: Cooking Devices, Utensils, Bags, Fire

Top 5:
Thumbnail image for 2013-11-17 23-23-38.jpg
Idea Credit: Alec

2013-11-17 23-22-57.jpg
Idea Credit: Elizabeth

Thumbnail image for 2013-11-17 23-21-51.jpg
Idea Credit: Nick

2013-11-17 23-20-33.jpg
Idea Credit: Mike

2013-11-17 23-24-56.jpg
Idea Credit: Alec


I really like the game that you came up with, it is really creative, in my opinion. Sorry that the session didn't go well. Mine was almost go into that situation where one guy keep sitting there saying he's stuck. What I did was I keep changing the brainstorming mode so it keeps them entertain. I also regularly hand them other people ideas. One thing that I think you can fix easily is some of your picture. They are a little bit affected by the light. It is kind of annoying to look at those. Another thing that you could have done was listing a bit of backgrounds of people in your group so readers can understand that it is the multi-cultural group, and how did the idea came to that person.

Anyway, good job. Keep it up.

I also love the game "I'm lazy so finish my joke." Maybe more for the name than anything else. I think it's interesting to see the different dynamics among the focus groups we conducted. While getting stuck for ideas was what slowed your group down, mine got increasingly self conscious about their drawing abilities. I'm curious to know the ideas per minute of your group. Also, I think a helpful tip for the future might be to incorporate food or candy into your brainstorming sessions. People tend to be more cooperative when there's chocolate involved. The ideas that your group came up with were really pretty cool. I like the food packets with outer warming panels. Besides what's already been said, it might be easier to just scan your photos so that you don't need to worry about shadows or anything.

Overall I think your sub theme is really interesting, and I'm curious to see where you end up taking it.

To start off, awesome game. That sounds like a blast.
The pictures of the participants brings more life to the post as well. I'll have to use that for my own blog post this week.
I had the same issue with one guy as well. He just sat there and hardly came up with any ideas. The insights into your though process as to how to remedy that situation were interesting.
Looks like you redrew some of the drawings larger. That made them easier to see. Very clean. Slightly disappointed that not all of the images were scanned as nicely as the rest. Every idea you picked as a "Top idea" was really well drawn. Other than that, everything is very clean and organized.
Also, just wondering what the calculated IPM was to compare what you were hoping for beforehand to what caused and effected the total outcome of number ideas.
Very well written. Nicely done.

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