Structured Idea Generation




Can I replace or change any parts?
Make the hood go all the way over, but can still see and breathe out of it.
Sleeves extend and/or turn into mittens

Can I use other ingredients or materials?
Netting, sheets, paper, plastic, wood, clear, quilted

Can I use other processes or procedures?
Self-regulating, changing temperature, adjustments for growth

Can I change its shape?
Round, thinner, thicket

Can I change its color, roughness, sound or smell?
It could come in a variety of scents

What if I change its name?
Cover, Blocker, Bubble, Animal names

Can I substitute one part for another?
It could close at the bottom opening with buttons

Can I use this idea in a different place?
As a blanket

Can I change my feelings or attitude towards it?
Something not just for cold weather, a fashion statement

Can I use a different energy source?
Electric, solar powered


Can I combine or recombine its parts' purposes?
Layers (wicking, warmth, water, wind) built-in with a button for retracting

Can I combine or merge it with other objects?
Built in water bottle pouches, watch in the coat sleeve, built-in lighter, hand warmer pockets

What materials could be combined?
Heating/warming technologies

Can I combine different talents to improve it?
Ability to cook, ability to make emergency phone calls


Is there something similar, but in a different context?
Blankets, sweaters, fleece jackets, fire place

Does the past offer any lessons with similar ideas?
Wrap coats, umbrella hoods, blanket coats (ponchos)

What could I copy, borrow or steal?
Comfort of blankets and/or sleeping bags

What ideas could I incorporate?
Easy access with gloves, changing colors

What different contexts can I put my concept in?
Fashion, sleeping

What ideas outside my field can I incorporate?


What can you add?
Length, fabric, removable/extendable elements

What can be extended?
Sleeves, hood, collar, length

Can it be done faster?
Easy to put on/take off

What can be magnified or made larger?
Hood could be bigger, thickness near legs

What can be exaggerated or overstated?
Could become a novelty item

What can be made higher, bigger or stronger?
Hood could be all of these

Can I add extra features or somehow add extra value?
Extra abilities

Can it do more things?
Make food, phone calls


How would a child use it? An older person?
Kids: for playing in the snow, easy for going to the bathroom
Older: Not too thick, comfortable, easy mobility

How would people with different disabilities use it?
Wheelchair: blanket coat can be draped over wheelchair
No complicated snaps, buttons or having to reach down too far to zip up, magnetic coat buttons

Can I use this idea in other markets or industries?
Clothes that are easy to get in and out of, nothing complicated


What parts can be removed without altering its function?

What's non-essential or unnecessary?
Buttons, zipper, could just be one attaching material instead of multiple

What if I made it smaller?
It would only fit children

What feature can I understate or omit?

Should I split it into different parts?
Sleeves become detachable, hood detachable, mittens attach

Can I compact or make it smaller?
Ability to fold down into a small bag


Are there other patterns, layouts or sequences I can use?
Patterned coats, made to look like something else (animal, food, etc)

Should I turn it around? Up instead of down? Down instead of up?
Hood at the bottom, sleeves on legs

What if I consider it backwards? Inside out?
Reversible depending on weather format

What if I try doing the exact opposite of what I originally intended?
Make it for hot weather: cooling qualities

Part Two: Morphological Analysis

Morphological Analysis.jpg

Product Results:
Fur Snow Suit.jpg
Fur, Snow Suit, Boots
Skin Gloves.jpg
Fire, Skin, Oven Mit
Blanket Snow Suit.jpg
Blanket, Snow Suit, Ear Muff

Part Three: Developed Ideas
Boot Skis.jpg
Insta-Hot Soup.jpg

Part Four: 10 Ideas


Great post! It's evident that you spent a lot of time on the activities for this week's assignment. I have snowboarding innovation and a lot of the winter clothing ideas would be great to pair with some snowboarding ideas. My favorites were the phone in the coat and the built in water pak. I live near a catholic church/school - maybe you could pitch the blanket with built in earmuffs to them?? I would totally wear a penguin coat!

Finally, someone is thinking of the nuns! This segment of society has been ignored for too long in the design space, so I thank you. Even though the nun in your picture doesn't look very happy, I'm thinking that's just because she's not used to having people design stuff for her so thoughtfully!

You went into a lot of depth on each letter of scamper, and make a deliberate effort to answer as many of Barry's questions as possible. I think the effort you put into the process paid off in your results, as you came up with a lot of cool ideas.

Some real quick feedback: it would have been great if you could have introduced your theme or "how might we?" statements at the beginning of the blog. I'm new to your posts, so it wasn't until I was a couple of designs in that I realized you were looking at winter coats specifically. A more qualitative description of your thought process might have been interesting as well. It was difficult to get a grasp on some of the steps you took when all I had to read was your answers to questions.

Great job overall, though!

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