Before starting my mind map, I watched an episode of the TV show Pushing Daisies. Although not an overt comedy, there are many strange and comical qualities to this show. The overall aesthetic of the program is intriguing and pushing creative boundaries on how things exist in this world.

My three subthemes are winter clothing, winter activities and Christmas.














I found your sketches quite comical, and I mean that in a good way. I don't want to use "LOL" because i despise that formation of letters, but I did in fact laugh aloud upon seeing your sketches. In particular the hidden cookies and the socks game. the addition of colour could aid in highlighting some of the more important aspects of the designs as well as make the images stand out a bit more. from a design perspective having some text in between the sketches to provide a bit more insight as to your creative process and therefore be beneficial to the reader. You have really funny and really creative ideas, I would like to know how your brain came up with them. your mind map also looks to be very well done, perhaps highlighting some of the "a ha" moments within the map and having them enlarged in a different frame would again, give us more insight as to your creative process.
for the record, I am totally ok with having a snowball battle for discounts, so the sooner that becomes a reality, the sooner i go shopping!

Really great sketches. For the most part they all showed the functionality of the product. You also did a really good job visually expressing the different themes on your mind map. The only critique that I would have is maybe a more in depth description of a couple of the products. For instance the discount wars and the sock game maybe needed more explanation how they functioned. Maybe a visual or the actual game board for the sock game?

Hi Alyssa,
Your mind map was easy to follow with good mix of words and drawings. However as we scroll down through your blog, the presentation is weakened for few reasons. By adding few lines about each product in between each images can give the reader heads up regarding your product. Also, lighting up with colors and little bit more description of the product would have added strength to your presentation.

You really had some interesting product ideas which was indeed unique and hence was creative. You are really an innovator; by just spicing up your presentation you will go miles!



First, yay to Pushing Daisies! That show went off the air too quickly...

I liked your mind map a lot--it was easy to follow and your visuals aids were a nice touch. Your product sketches were equally engaging. You presented a diverse set of products, and all of your drawings looked realistic. I just wanted more details about Socks The Game!

Also, I would have liked more text that explained your process. Additional text would have also created more of a storyline in your blog, which would have been a nice complement to your wonderful pictures.


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