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1. Fashionable Penguin-Inspired Coat: Functional for extremely cold weather without the bulk

2. Four Layer Coat: wicking, warmth, water, wind with easily retractable internal layers

3. Sleeping Bag Coat: Extra Comfy, Extra Warm, and Extra Long

4. Heated Backpack: with cooking and warming pockets

5. Phone Coat: The coat connects with your phone in an inner pocket, screen is on your arm and listening/speaking devices are come through the hood

6. A Coat with an extendable hood that goes over your entire face. Face area is clear and has holes so you can breathe

7. Temperature Adjusting Under Layers

8. Snow Pants with a Body Temperature Regulator: so you are never too hot or too cold

9. A temperature monitor watch that beeps if you are getting too cold or hot

10. Insta-Hot Soup: You put the soup (or other canned good) can inside a plastic canister, turn it on and it begins to cook the food and continues to keep food warm after opening

I posted a survey with two questions.
1. How likely are you to buy this product?

Response Options: Not At All Likely, Not Likely, Likely, Very Likely
2. How much would you be willing to pay for this product?

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TOP 5:
1. Temperature Adjusting Under Layers
Novel: No Marketable: Yes Feasible: Yes
2. Four Layer Coat
Novel: Yes Marketable: Yes Feasible: Yes
3. Fashionable Penguin-Inspired Coat
Novel: Yes Marketable: Yes Feasible: Yes
4. Snow Pants w/ Body Temp. Regulator
Novel: No Marketable: Yes Feasible: Yes
5. Insta-Hot Soup
Novel: Yes Marketable: Yes Feasible: Yes


1. Temperature Adjusting Under Layers
The following information I found is the technology that is already being implemented for warming and cooling controls in clothing.
Patent: Body temperature control device and body temperature controller using the control device: WO 2003000159 A1
Main Concerns: Already seems to have been done. The technology is there, so how do I make it different? How do I utilize it to its maximum capabilities?

2. Four Layer Coat
There are no coats following my idea of incorporating all layers and being retractable. The following youtube video details layering.

Patent: Concealed down garment: CN 202842399 U
Main Concerns: Would retractable layers be possible? Would this coat be too warm otherwise?

3. Fashionable Penguin-Inspired Coat
There are no coats with this particular idea. There is a penguin brand coat and coats that use thermal technology without the bulkiness of, say, a down coat.
Patent: Waterproof coat US 1359999 A
Main Concerns: How do I keep this warm and for winter camping without incorporating too much bulk into the coat? What fabrics will work best in winter camping conditions? How can I incorporate the penguin ideas without making it too much of a novelty/joke?

4. Snow Pants with Body Temp. Regulator
(SEE #1)
Patent: Garments for heating or cooling body parts: WO 2003061412 A2
Main Concerns: Does this become a full body temp. regulator? Will the technology add too much weight? Will the technology effect the abilities of those using the pants for recreational purposes?

5. Insta-Hot Soup
There are multiple technologies in place that are similar to my idea. The Hot Can Self Heating Soup is the most closely related.
Hot Logic Lunchbox.jpg
Patent: Food and beverage warming device: WO 2012006536 A2
Main Concerns: How can I make this product my own? What would be different about my product that fits my target user's need?

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First off, I think your ideas are awesome! I love coats so I was very excited about this post! I really like how colorful your survey results are. They really bring some "life" to the blog and make it easier to read and look at. Nice splash of color!

I can tell that you did some research into what you would need for each of your products! I think that it could have been more helpful if you broke apart your sections into your products and explained why it is or isn't novel, feasible, or marketable. Your visuals for your benchmarking are great but more than one might have been helpful for getting more ideas.

You did a good job with the patents and including your main concerns. It would have been helpful to see a rough manufacturing price to get a sense of how difficult it would be to make the various items, and that was part of the assignment. But I do think that you are on the right track!

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