November 8, 2005

Thise are really goog grades, congradulations. For halloween i took my little sister and some of her friends out trick or treating around my neighborrhood, by the state fair. She got a lot of candy,and she was nice and shared some with me. Did you have a costume? You need pretty good grades to get into the U. My high school sent the wrong grades at first, and they were really bad and i didnt get in. They let the University know and sent my real grades, which were A's and B's. You're getting good grades. The U teaches all sorts of classes, not really one more than another, but one thing is that you need to write papers and do a lot of reading for every class. I have to write at least one paper for biology every week. They say that for every hour a student spends in class, the teacher assings 2 hours of homework.

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November 1, 2005


Hi Isiah. I used to play basketball in middle school, I had to play on the boys team even though I'm a girl, because my school was small and there wern't that many girls that wanted to play. It was fun but our team was really not that good. Good luck trying out for it. How many people played football on your team? Did you practice everyday?
I like college so far. The cool thing is that I make my own choices. Its not like i HAVE to go to class, I wont get in trouble for skipping, but i need to go if i want a good grade. It is a lot of work. There are many places to eat around the school, and I can go wherever I feel like eating. Im not sure what my major is going to be, thats one of the things I am working on, to figure out what i want to do. One of my classes is helping me know what I want to be and what I would be good at. I would rate college so far as a 4. Its fun, but challenging. There are a lot of people that go here. How many people are in your school? What do you do for fun, in school or out? Its cool you like math, that is my worst subject.

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October 25, 2005

Lincoln School

My name is Brooks Rice. Im 18 years old, and have lived in many places, but lived in the twin cities for most of my life, by the stste fair. I was born in Guatemala, and was raised there.I went to preschool and some of gradeschool there, as well as here in the cities. I have a little sisiter that is 10, and I miss her now that I moved out to go to college.
what grade are you in? Do you like school? My favorite part of school was reading, especialy when the teacher read outloud to the class. Whats your favorite part? Oh, and of course I liked recess.

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October 20, 2005

I cant believe how hard it is for me to write this current paper. I am late, having worked on it in the past week. Im almost completed with the first draft, and im not very happy with it. I still feel like i could do a better job. I know there are facts i want to add regarding the Lincoln school, to better illistrate it as a place and in contrast to where i went to school. I just wanted you to kknow i am in fact working on it. I made a note to talk to you about what the writing help mentioned in the sylabus (that recieves extra credit) i, and where to find it.

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October 16, 2005

blog 2

I am looking forward to the new essay , intrested in the topic. I did some work at the lyndale school, which sounds alot like the Lincoln school, so i have that to base some of my essay on. I know that we were meant to have had some experience before we began our essay, so its nice that i ahve some experience in the feild. One worry i have is that i will procrastinate, making it so that i cant have the best essay possible, because im mainly trying to finish on time. My recennt goal is to have school be my priority, so hopefuly that will be evident in my work for this essay.

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October 13, 2005

Lincoln and Me

this is short because as i was writing, i clicked on something and was re-ruoted to another page, losing all of what i had written.

I went to a small private Quaker schiool , recieving a very unique educational experience. The school was quaker not because the students were quaker or raised and expected to be, but because the school revolved around Quaker values, sucjh as equality, God in everyone, simplicity. The school was very mall. I graduated in a class of 12, mostly people i had grown up with and knew very well. The size of the school impacted the education i recieved, and is very differwent than public schools like Lincoln. I knew everybody, sometimes more than i wanted to, from every grade. There was no way for people to close off the rest of the school. When i was

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October 7, 2005

Class is going well. These past twpp weeks i have been dealing with issues in my personal life, but for now things are going much better, which i think will be apparant by my class work.
About the reading on mpls; i stay there a lot, and if i hadnt read the city pages article, i would not have thouht it was such a dangerous place. I mean, i know to be careful and not to walk around myself or with just other girls. In my experience, the drug dealers are young, regular people, and ive never been bothered by them. It was scary to read about the young kids all prepared for violence over drugs, esp cuz ive been there. Its always been the old drunks, or women who do the hassling. Ive seen fights, arrests, and one two occasions a shooting, but ive never been more than a witness. This probably has too do with being a little white girl im just ignored, not seen as part of the life.

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October 4, 2005

october 4

School Girls and Superman and Me
These two readings described two different cultures of education. They discuss the different factors that culture impacts peoples education, such as family, social class, and gender. These roles can entirley shape a whole persons outlook on life, and of course schooling. They were both intresting to me, and made me think about how my demograohics have shaped my educational experience. Like was discussed in the first reading, the education system is based upon "white" peoples lives and goals. For LaRhonda, her priorities did not include school, even though she did have a goal to graduate. Mainly its because her life has other demands- taking care of siblings and herself, her family. But its not just that. It was described how people lost respect if you act white, and respect is a big deal at that school and the people attending.
The writting about the res school was equally thoughtful. It was written by someone that had actually experienced it, not just observing. It again disscussed the pressure from other indian kids not to act white, as seen as sort of giving in. The students would struggle at school, even though outside of class and away from their white teachers they could be brilliant. The kids are encouraged by eachother not to do well in school, its not veiwed as socialy acceptable.

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September 29, 2005

Looking at the information abiout this school, it seems like it is in need of serious help. Many of the issues it is facing have to do with the demographics of the school. 93 percent of the students reley on free and reduced price lunches, which is the fact schools use to indicate what sort of money the families that send there kids to the school make. That is realy high. Also, the school failed the no child left behind requirements for math last year.

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September 25, 2005

The Tings We Carry

The Things We Carry by Danielle Williams
I thought this was a good response to the assignment. It was concise, but still had supporting details that could relay the struggle towards the beginning. She did a good job describing the situation, what happened and how she reacted. When I read the part where she says she just sort of gave up, I completely understood. There have been so many classes that I just donít understand, and instead of taking an active role in getting on track, I sit back and become more and more lethargic and weary as the work piles up. She was lucky that she found a teacher that really tried to reach out. After the conference with her mother, the teacher made more of an effort to be nice. She sounded like a good teacher because she listened to students struggles and responded, like where she decided to teach more about analyzing. I thought this was a great example of the assignment. She described her metemorphases well, and had many examples without making it overdone and confusing. I like the part the author describes how she worked really hard on a project, making a keyboard song and everything, and that the real benefit wasnít so much the grade as it was what she got out of it.

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