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Blog Prompt #3: 'Genius Loci'

When taking a vacation you think where is the nicest place you can go for the cheapest. After looking through the Expedia deals my family and I were settled on Cancun. Cancun was cheap, fun, and a warm place to spend with the ladies in my family. When arriving in Cancun it was apparent their world was destroyed. Hurricane Wilma had roared through Cancun with 144 mph winds leaving thousands of destroyed homes and people stranded.

beach - after hurricance.jpg

The lowest recorded pressure in the Atlantic Ocean was recorded during the threats of Hurricane Wilma. Cancun became a meaningful place to me because a natural phenomenon came through and destroyed their town, but they moved on and recreated “character�. “Character� is determined by how things are. Horizontal and vertical characteristics of nature were refocused on the natural environment and their economy.

Cancun - after Hurrican Wilma.jpg

Man-made places are related to nature. Cancun is related to the citizens and frequent visitors in a more prevalent way. It was a natural destruction that they now have an understanding of. The people in Cancun complement the situation by adding necessities that they originally did not have. Cancun also symbolizes nature by replacing palms and rebuilding the sand beach.

cancun view.jpg

When on vacation it is noticeable that the rebuilding is still in process, but is coming along. The tourists are back to help their economy. I have included a picture of the rebuilding. The beach is still under construction but is useable and is taking form. The drop off of sand is a still about 6’ but the ocean is now accessible.

beach view.jpg

The palm trees before Hurricane Wilma were about 60’, but now the tallest is about 20’. Those palm trees were meaningful to many citizens and visitors and will take a while be significant. I can not imagine if this destruction happened in my hometown or on campus, and I feel the pain of everyone involved.