The Tudor period was one defined by great divides and dichotomies between the Protestant nobility and the Catholic supporting lower classes. Out of this arose a need and the means to effectively communicate ideas from the upper class and the lower class. The Church, the economic and social center of life, turned to the use of iconography as propaganda to promote their agenda. The most prominent version of this was the use of Robin Hood by both the Catholic and Protestant churches through festivals to control, pacify, and persuade the lower class despite the inherent contradictions between the Robin Hood mythos and the churches themselves. This same mechanism shows itself throughout both the Tudor Period and through history into today.


Hi all,

This is a terrific argument, but I'd like to see a little bit more discussion of how your presentation will pan out in terms of specific structuring. How will you begin the presentation? What information will come out during your "play" (are you still planning on doing the performance aspect of your presentation)? What information will you discuss in your commentary on the play? What are the specific areas that you need to hit?

You need to decide on these aspects in order to be able to time out your performance. I think you've selected a good framing that will make getting all your information out manageably, but you still need to do some heavy-duty planning to make sure this works out.

Please talk through this and re-post when you have a more specific gameplan. And let me know if you would like any help in doing this.


Grade: 80%

Hi group,

While you've crafted a really solid argument to communicate to your classmates, I would like to see a more specific gameplan for the presentation itself. What is the structure of your presentation and how will you get this information out? Are you still planning to do the in-class performance aspect? If so, what information will you be attempting to divulge in the performance, and what information will come out with the more straightforward commentary? Will there be specific pictures, texts, quotes that you'll be using? These are the nitty-gritty specifics that will really help you time out your performance.

What you've proposed is certainly manageable in terms of time, but without mapping out your method of presentation, your research (which seems very thorough!) can sprawl quickly.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you want help thinking through how to structure your presentation.


Grade: 85%

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