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In our exploration of Robin Hood as a folk hero, we will present our argument as a combination of lecture/powerpoint, and video and/or live performance. There is a lot of contextual information, as well as our argument, that will best be served by the lecture/powerpoint. However, because Robin Hood plays existed largely in festivals, we want to include some aspect of this which will be done through performance or video. However, our presentation of the festival may have the same propaganda effects, such as the ones we are examining, on the class and those ethical implications must be kept in mind.

Our plan to analyze this topic and form our argument for the class is:

1) Set up historical context of the Tudor Period
2) Detail the evolution/origins of the Robin Hood character/literature/plays/etc.
3) Explain how Protestant Churches used Robin Hood in festivals to gain support of the lower classes (Festivals)
4) Expose and analyze the cracks in these festivals and explain what is going on underneath the surface (i.e. connections to Catholicism, Robin Hood's role as anti-establishment)

We chose this form to both give us the ability to present as much information as necessary in a clear manner that leaves room for discussion if necessary (much like this class' lecture), but we also wanted to include a more entertaining element to engage with the idea of festival.

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